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So, uh, I hate that this is my first post on DW since the LJ diaspora, but what can you do.

Is anybody out there going to the counter-demonstration on Boston Common on Saturday? 

I wasn't going to do this. I was going to spend the entire weekend in Providence, RI, taking part in Necronomicon and having a lovely time bathing in a flowing fountain of nerddom. But then, Nazis. Fuck that noise. I don't have any commitments on Saturday. I'm going to go to Boston Common and play obnoxiously loud music, and sing, and see what happens. There are no major plans. I just want to be there myself, and spend some time meeting the people who turn out to drown out fascists.

If anyone is on the fence about going, I have a plan and timing for being there; please talk to me privately.

Inspiration: "All You Fascists Bound To Lose," Woodie Guthrie (1940s radio broadcast).
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Help me, dreamwidth, you're my only hope!  My housemate said something clever, I went for a swim yesterday, the job hunt continues, I like coffee and rolls, and I have nowhere else to post about it!

Ah!  That's better!  

Well, I'm driven to DW by untrustworthy LJ.  I'm so set in my ways that it took a second LJ crash-and-burn to make me figure this place out.  Does anybody know how to crosspost between the two?  If so, please fill me in.

Whoa, wait, there's a "crosspost" button down at the bottom of the page.  What a lovely interface.  OK, I'll start doing that whenever LJ gets back on its feet.


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